• Model #:PE-100
  • Name:PoE Tester
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PoE Tester/ Power Monitor


The PoE Tester/Power Monitor is designed for testing standard PoE and measuring power of PoE systems, by performing both PSE (Power Source Equipment) detecting and PSE/PD (Powered device) inline testing. Compatible with IEEE802.3 af, 802.3at standard and ultra 4-pair up to 60W. PSE detecting display PoE type (af or at), power source (endspan or midspan) and perform a load test for voltage drop. Inline PSE/PD testing-measure and display in rotation between voltage (volts), current(amps) and power(watts) via dual 4 digit 7 segment LEDs which provides voltage available, current flowing and how much power an PD actually need ensure adequate power for PD to make the PoE is sustainable.


The PoE tester/power monitor is a handy professional diagnostic tool, compact design for PoE system installers, integatars, IT network technicians, especially do larger PoE install for surveillance as well as PoE CCTV and ISP install technicians to diagnose troubleshoot PoE issues and speed up PoE system installation.


At a glance:

  • Determines PoE standard if either IEEE802.3 af or at, or ultra 4 pair 60W.
  • Detects power source if either Endspan(A) or midspan(B) or ultra 4-pair.
  • Measure and display PSE voltage drop ensure PD have the proper power.
  • Inline testing provides voltage (V) available, current (I) flowing and power (watts) P=VI.
  • Confirms your PoE network system for just all the power you do need.
  • Determines the value of power to ensure that a PD actually needs.
  • Speed up PoE system installation, diagnose and troubleshoot issues.
  • Plug and display for ease of use, with battery-free operation.


l   Provides a simple way to test and set up PoE system and help to troubleshoot connection issues.


l   Determines if switch or Ethernet outlet has PoE capability and displays power draw at PD connected.


l   Display PoE type (af or at), power source (Endspan or Midspan) and voltage values at PSE connected without needed a load.


l   Measure and confirm proper power delivery by the PSE and the draw of power a PD needed to ensure PoE is sustainable.


l   Dual 4-digit LEDs display in rotation between voltage, current and power and LEDs indicates class and power sources.


l   Monitor of PoE system to ensure a proper PD, avoid exceeding the power for PDs.


l   Voltage range – mode A and mode B max 30V to 60V, measures PoE current up to 1 AMP for mode A and mode B.


Connector Interface

RJ45 Jack, PSE jack, PD jack



4 LEDs indicate af End/Mid, at End/Mid

Dual 7-digit LEDs for both End and mid modes.

Display in rotation between voltage, current and power

Standard Compliance

IEEE 802.3af (PoE), IEEE802.3at (PoE+)

Voltage range

Max 30V to 60V for mode A and mode B

Measure current

Up to 1 AMP for mode A and mode B

Operating Temp

Storage Temp

 32℉ to 122℉(0℃ to 50℃)

-40℉ to 131℉(-20℃ to 55℃)

Operating Humidity

Max 90% non-condensing


 x  x  inch ( x x mm)

Certification and Compliance



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