• Model #:PR-60/60A
  • Name:Net Toner & Probe Kit
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Net Toner & Probe Kit



Comes with coaxial - RJ45 adaptor for testing coaxial cable. Modular RJ12 Cable and alligator clips part of mian test units. Test RJ45, RJ12, coaxial cables and bare wires.



Coaxial F connector and RJ45 jack part of main test unit; alligator clips and RJ12 cord are plugged in via RJ45 jack. Test RJ45, RJ12, coaxial cables and bare wires.


The Net Toner & Probe Kit is a practical tool for telecom and network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  The Net Toner has the unique feature of enhancing talk battery power supply to allow communication over inactive pairs, using telephone test sets.  It provides two able tones which allow you to trace cable and locate faults for troubleshooting both voice and data circuits.


It also tests cable continuity and Line 1, Line 2 polarity, and can determine line voltage. It features a tone signal, two alligator clips, a 4-conductor (RJ12) modular cable, an RJ45 jack and an F- female optional coaxial connector for multiple connection options, which enable it to test telecom, cat5 cabling coax cable, and bare wires.


The Net Probe or any other commercial probe can easily trace the tone generated by the Net Toner.  The Probe comes with adjustable volume control and signal LED for enhanced accuracy.  It also includes Ring / Tip polarity test indicators, an earphone jack for noisy environments, a modular jack and test pins for multiple connector options, a low battery indicator, easy tip replacement, and lanyard attachment point for hands-free operation.  When used in conjunction with the toner, the Net Probe allows you to trace and troubleshoot Telecom/Datacom, security/alarm, CATV and audio cable systems.


****This kit is a must-have tool for installation, service, and repair.*****




  • Tests datacom, telecom, security, video and audio network.
  • Two-tone tone generators for tracing cables and locate faults.
  • Tests for wire continuity and 2-lines telephone wire polarity and voltage.
  • Enhanced talk battery mode provides power for voice communication over inactive pairs.
  • Alligator clips, RJ45 jack, RJ12 plug, optional F connector.
  • Net Probe features signal LED volume control, modular connection jack, test pins, tip/ring tester, earphone jack, easy tip replacement.
  • Low battery indicator, lanyard attachment point.



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