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PANSCO produces a variety of cable testers for troubleshooting LAN, PoE,Telecom, and Audio-Video networks and cables. We make tools for all problem solvers, from the network professional to the home user.

We produce innovative products which stand out among their competitors in the cable tester market. We also specialize in OEM or ODM manufacturing.

Our tester provides an affordable way to quickly test network, PC, Data, PoE, Telco, Coax, USB, Firewire and multimedia cables for any combination. Including the following connectors:

  • Video/Audio: Display port, Mini display port, HDMI A/D/C, DVI,HD15,S-Video, RF-F, BNC and RCA.
  • Modular: RJ48, RJ45, RJ12, RJ11
  • PC: D-SUB, 9/15/25 PINS, Centronic 36, SATA.
  • SCSI: VHDCI MC68, HC50/68, HD50/68, DB50
  • USB: USB 3.0A/B, USB 3.0 Micro B, USB 2.0A/B, Mini B, Mini AB5P, Micro B, Mini A4P.
  • 1394 Firewire: 1394-4, 6 & 9 pins.


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