• Model #:TestAll PR-68
  • Name:Tracer and Cable Kit
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Cable tester, Tone Generator, Network tester, tone Probe included


The Testall is an attempt to put together in a small package all the features a professional or amateur working with network cables might need.  The first is a pin-by-pin cable tester that displays results on a remote terminator and can run automatic and manual tests.  The second is a tone generator with a normal frequency signal and a high frequency signal for tracing twisted pair, coax and telephone cables, (the tone probe, a separate unit, is included), the third is a network test mode, which detects network activity and speed and forces the port light of the cable it is plugged to blink, so you can identify it.  A few other capabilities round out the package: a cable continuity test, a polarity test, an over current indicator and a battery-low warning LED to prevent misreading due to battery failure.


Network installers will find the Testall to be a convenient tool, which handles many jobs they will need handled and comes in an easy-to-carry package.

  • High-powered dual-tone tone generator and tone probe.
  • Pin-by-pin, manual / automatic cable tester.
  • Network tester with port finder.
  • Wire continuity tester, line polarity test and an over current indicator.
  • One-piece toolkit eliminates the need for other testers in telecom and datacom installation.

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