• Model #:PK-7890/7890PL
  • Name:PANTESTER Multi Cable Tester
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Especially suited for verification, installation and maintenance of residential and commercial networks.



  • PK-7890: Tester with #8 remote
  • PK-7890R: Tester with #1- #8 remotes
  • PK-7890PL: Remote unit with PoE and line voltage detector.
  • PK-7890 Kit: Tester with #1- #8 remotes & 1x Net Probe


PANTESTER is an advanced multifunction pin-by-pin cable tester to verify cable integrity of Datacom.  Telecom and Coaxial cables and displays the test results on the main unit. 


PK-7890PL, the remote unit includes PoE and line voltage/polarity detector with identify RJ45 outlet for PoE existence and type PSE either end-span A or mid-span B in your network and tests line voltage and polarity to protect tester damage from live circuits.


It includes 8 separate remote ID terminators allows one person to view test results for 8 installed cables at a time to save time and money.  Capabilities including (A)  Auto/ID test function – It allows users to quickly check up to 8 installed data, voice and Coax cable at a time.  It displays the passes cable type, ID number and identifies crossover, reversed or faulty cable in a second.  (B)  Blink Hub function – It blinks the Hub/Switch port light for easy outlet and cable identification, locate corresponding port on Hub/Switch.  (C)  Learning function – It makes testing cable in any quantity a snap.  It memory’s stores any standard or custom configuration and performs on instant no-button check on each new cable plugged in, makes testing large quantities of cable quicker and easier.  (D) Tone generator function – It allows you to send a Hi/ or Low tone on individual pin or pair and on all pins simultaneously to locate a wire break.  The tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by Net Probe (PR-06P) or any market tone probe. It will make work shorter and easier for the professional and the layman alike. 





  • Checks actual pin-to-pin configuration of 1 ~ 8 pin cables.
  • Displays test results TX/RX on the main unit on remote testing.
  • Tests and troubleshoot data, telephone, video and Coax wiring to over 300m.
  • Generates 2 selectable tones on selected pin, pair or on all pins for tracing cables.
  • Network ID - Hub blink to identify location on a HUB/Switch/Router port.
  • Support up to 8 testing and ID remotes for network, telephone and Coax cables.
  • Auto/ID test - displays passes cable type and ID or faulty cable in a second.
  • Learning function allows testing any custom configuration in any quantity for Pass/Fail a snap.
  • Performs loop-back or remote tests with Auto/Step scans for displaying cable configuration.
  • Includes a shield-test feature and a battery-low indicator prevents misreading results.
  • Optional RJ45 to F or BNC adaptors enable one person to test 8 installed F/BNC cables at a time.
  • Optional PK-7890PL includes test and PoE/Line detection remote is used to protect tester damage from live circuits. It checks line voltage/polarity and identify RJ45 outlet for PoE existence and type of PSE either end-span A or mid-span B or ultra power over 4 pair in your network.





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