• Model #:PK-2016/2016R
  • Name:VDV & USB Cable Tester
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  • PK-2016: Tester only
  • PK-2016R: Tester with #2 - #4 remotes
  • Optional Net Probe (PR-06P) for use with tone generator



The VDV & USB cable tester is designed for testing today’s media computer networks which combination of telephone USOC (voice), twisted pair (data) and coax security / alarm (video) as well as PC-USB 2.0 3.0 cables.


The unit combines pin-to-pin testing, quick testing, blinking HUBs - active net port finder, tone generator and learning functions.  Capable of identifying and mapping 4 locations at one time. 


Activate link indicator indicates an active Net Port.  HUB Blink function to locate corresponding port on HUB / Switch for visual cable tracing, and output two selecable tones for tracing cable and fault isolation. Quick test / ID function it displays the passed cable type, ID number or faulty cable in a second. 


Learning function for testing large quantity custom cable for PASS / FAIL a snap.


It also has a low battery indicator.  The unit is an easy-to-use tester for whether you’re a contractors, installers, datacom specialist or home networking professional.





  1. Checks actual pin to pin configuration of 1~9 pins and shield cables.
  2. Quick test will display the passed cable type, ID or faulty cable in a second.
  3. Learn mode for testing large quantity custom cables for PASS / FAIL a snap.
  4. HUB Blink for locating the HUB / SWITCH for the corresponding port.
  5. Generates two selecable tones for use with probe for tracing cable.
  6. Displays the test results TX & RX on master unit for easy reading.
  7. Features remote #1 with convenient attached case for easy storage.
  8. Optional remote ID #2 ~ #4 for testing multiple location.
  9. Capable of testing up to 600 meters of      
    DATA (T568A/B UTP STP and uplink cables)
    VOICE (USOC straight through and reverse)
    VIDEO(COAX, Security, Alarm with includes RJ45 to F adapters)
    USB (USB A/B 2.0 3.0 cables)
    Any configuration of custom cables.











Test Interface

RJ45 Jack, USB 3.0 A/B Connectors Compatible with USB 2.0 A/B

Cable Tested

Standard and any custom configuration cable.

STP. UTP USOC 2,4,6,8 Coax, USB2.0,3.0 A/B cables.

Test modes

Quick Test, Learn, Auto/Step and HUB Blink / Active link/Tone modes.

Tone Frequency

600HZ ↔ 1KHZ

Test Performed

Test for continuity open, shot, miswire, crossover, reversed Pass/Fail, and active network.  For patch cable and installed cable testing.

Maximum Length for wire map


Operating Temperature

0℃ - 50℃ / 32℉ - 122℉

Storage Temperature

-10℃ - 60℃ / 14℉ - 140℉


(148X67X25)cm  (5.8X2.6X1)inch


180g with battery


CE approved


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