• Model #:PE-400
  • Name:PoE Voltage Monitor Detect & Verify
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PE-400 is specific to test and verify PSE or Ethernet outlet either a standard/active PoE or a NON-standard/passive PoE to avoid damaging Non-PoE device as well as monitor and display available Voltage simultaneously.  It built-in PoE interface controller to trigger on 802.3 af, at and bt switch and verify standard PoE type either 802.3 af or 802.3 at, and power source either End or Mid or both, and power polarity as well as display voltage values.  The operational voltage which should be measured when installing a new PoE system or when you troubleshooting an existing system.


PE-400 verifies whether there is sufficient voltage power to ensure your PD can function correctly and help to avoid damage to equipment when using Non-standard PSE such as some High power injector.  A passive PoE device is not compatible with the 802.3 af/at standard, also due to the difference in voltage rating, problems often occur to damage a passive PoE end device.  So need to be aware of what kind of PoE you have and what it will work with.


PE-400 can determine whether PSE is a NON-standard PoE and help to avoid and solve problems.  It also help to determine the voltage that will be delivered to your remote PDs and verify what kind of PoE you have in your network.


PE-400 is an ideal diagnostic tool for all installers working with PoE, IT, wireless and CCTV network system.


1. Verifies the presence and proper Voltage for both standard/active and

       NON-standard/passive PoE application.


2. Verifies and confirms PSE or Ethernet outlet either standard/active PoE

        or NON-standard/passive PoE.


3. Detects and displays PoE (af or at) standard, power source

       (End or Mid),power polarity and voltage values at PSE connected.


4. Identifies and confirms NON-standard/passive/PoE/injector with voltage

       values,power source mode and polarity.


5. Voltage range: 30V to 60V for standard PoE and 12V to 60V for

       NON-standard PoE.


6. Support and compliant IEEE 802.3 af, 802.3 at and 802.3 bt type 3 and

       type 4 standard PoE.


7. Verifies the PSE is delivering proper power compliant with alternative

       A or B mode in 802.3 af or at standard.


8. The easy method of testing PoE switch/ injectors which are non-standard

       passive PoE compliant.


9. Provides a sample way to test and verify to set up PoE system and help

       to troubleshoot connection issues.


10. Plug and play for ease of use with battery free operation can help to

         avoid damaging to non-PoE device.


Connector Interface

2X RJ45 jack (STD PoE, PSE test jack, NON-PoE injector/PSE, test jack)


․4LEDs indicate IEEE802.3 af, 802.3 at standard.

․Dual 7-digit LEDs indicate power source either End (A) (1/2,3/6) or Mid (B) (4/5,7/8) or both and display voltage values.

․2 yellow LEDs indicate reversed polarity for power type.

Voltage range & Max current

․Standard/Active PoE   30V – 60V


Max current 2 Amps End and Mid total 4 Amps

Standard compliant

Standard PoE testing – IEEE 802.3 af and

802.3 at/802.3 bt.


One-site testing – PSE.

Operating Temp.

Storage Temp.

32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C).

-40°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C).


99 X 36 X26mm, 3.9 X 1.4 X1 inch, 0.1lb/1.6oz

Certification and compliance



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