• Model #:PR-606H
  • Name:Net Toner & Probe Kit
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PR-606H with ProbeNet  PRO

PR-606H includes HUB Blink/Link features for easy active Ethernet outlet, cable and switch port identification.


The PR-606H is designed specifically for locating and tracing cables on inactive or active networks, and live or dead phone lines, as well as coaxial video cabling systems. Today’s media networks have a combination of twisted pair data, telephone voice, coax and security/alarm video wiring. It provides 2 selectable powerful Net and Tel tones allow cabling installers, Datacom/Telecom technicians directly plug into an active networks, patch panel, wall outlet or live phone line, makes it easy to quickly isolate the right cable in the equipment closet, and locating an unlabeled network cables during installation and troubleshooting.


It also tests cable/wire continuity and can determine Line 1 and Line 2 polarity and voltage, as well as supply talk battery power to allow communication over inactive test sets.


Built-in both of  RJ45 plug cable is used for tracing inactive and active Ethernet cables connected on Hub/Switch/Router, and  RJ12 plug cable is used for tracing dead and live phone line and verifies Line 1 & Line 2 polarity. Alligator clips are used for testing wire continuity and toning on coaxial cables, non-terminated cables or punch down blocks, as well as for connection to supply talk battery power.


The Net Probe comes with adjustable volume control and an earphone jack for noisy environments, low battery indicator, easy tip replacement, and lanyards attachment point for hand-free operation.  It is also equipped with a visual signal strength indicator for easier locating target wire/cable and adds useful features of active Ethernet port ID- Hub Blink and Link Mode for fast identifying the termination port of an Ethernet wall outlet or cable on the active network devices by blinking the Hub/Switch/Router link port light. The Link indicator for easier  identifying whether an Ethernet outlet or cable is an active Ethernet port. It also has a built-in Flash Led Light can help you to find the target wire/cable in dark field.

 When used in conjunction with the Net Toner, the Net Probe allows you to trace and troubleshoot Telecom/Datacom, Security/Alarm, CATV and Audio cabling systems.  This Kit is a must-have tool for installation, service and repair.

Net Toner

1.         Outputs 2 selectable powerful tones for tracing and locating active and inactive cabling systems.

2.         More effectively trace cables on Hub/Switch, patch panel, termination blocks or within bundles.

3.         Quickly and accurately solve active LAN and live phone cabling installation and troubleshooting jobs.

4.         Verifies wire/cable continuity, and detects short or open circuits.

5.         Determines telephone Line 1(4/5) and Line 2(3/6) voltage & polarity.

6.         Enhances talk battery power supply to allow communication over inactive test sets

7.         Built-in RJ45 plug cable for tracing both active and inactive LAN network cables.

8.         Built-in RJ12 plug cable for tracing live phone line and verifies Line 1 & Line 2 polarity.

9.         Alligator clips for testing cable/wire continuity, toning on non-terminated cables and for connection to supply talk battery power.


 Net Probe Pro

  1.     With a visual signal strength indicator for easier locating target cables.

  2.     Comes with adjustable volume control and replaceable no-conductive tip.

  3.     Built-in RJ45 jack for  receiving clear tone signal and using Hub blink connection.

  4.     With an 2.5mm earphone jack for noisy environment and low-battery indicator.                                                 

  5.     Hub Blink & Link Mode for identifying which port on a switch that a wall outlet is connected.

  6.     By blinking Hub/switch/Router  link port light for fast identification  active Ethernet port ID.

  7.     Link Led indicator for easier identifying whether an Ethernet outlet is an active Ethernet port.

  8.     Built-in flash Led light for easier finding the target wire/cable in dark working environment.

Net Toner

 Test Performed

Generates Tones, Checks Wires Continuity, Provides Talk Power, Checks Lines Polarity.


Slide Switch and LED Indicators – Tones, Line, Cont, Talk.


RJ45 plug cable, RJ12 plug cable and alligator clips.

 Tone Frequency

Cross   : 1KHZ ~ 600HZ      

Parallel: 1KHZ ~ 600HZ        

Over Voltage


60 VDC in Tone / Line Mode

 Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 45°C  (32°F ~ 113°F)

 Size (approx)

61.5 x 63 x 36 mm

2.5" x 2.4" x 1.4"

 Weight (approx)

75g (without battery)


One 9V DC Standard or Alkaline Battery

 Certification  and Compliance



Net Probe Pro

 Test Performed

Traces Tones, Hub blink/Link mode

Battery Low Detect.

 Test Mode

Trace/Hub Blink/Link mode/Flash light.


Audio sound  / LEDs


30 dB


One 9V DC Standard or Alkaline Battery


Trace Button, LEDs, Volume Control, RJ45 Jack

Replaceable Tip, 2.5mm Earphone Jack

 Size  (approx)

212 x 40 x 27.5 mm

8.3" x 1.55" x 1.08"           

 Weight (approx)

80g without battery

 Certification  and 




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