• Model #:PH-200
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Especially suited for verification, installation, and maintenance of residential and commercial networks.



  • Built-in memory makes testing cable in any quantity a snap!
  • Time-saving〝Snapshot〞test verifies cable with no button, no need to check LED.
  • Tester’s memory stores correct cable configuration and performs an instant, no-buttons check on each new cable plugged in.  Makes testing large quantities of cables quicker and easier.


The Snapshot cable checker gives professionals and layman the ability to check cables instantly upon plug-in, with no buttons pressed or displays read.  With its built-in memory, the Snapshot simply checks each cable plugged in against a correctly-configured cable pre-set by the user, and indicates the cable’s status with a  sound.  For pin-by-pin cable checking, the 〝standard check〞mode offers a plain LED-displayed check of the cable’s pins, checked automatically or manually. The Snapshot also generates a tone along the length of cables, making finding and following the cable with a tone probe a snap.  A remote unit allows testing of already-installed cables, and a built-in line tester verifies phone line polarity and detects voltage before it threatens the safety of the test unit.  A shield-test feature automatically tests cable shielding and a battery-low indicator prevents misreading results.                          

  • Instant button-free cable check for rapidly checking high quantities of cable.
  • 〝Snapshot〞memory stores proper cable configuration and checks each cable against it.
  • Built-in tone generator makes finding and following installed cables easy.
  • Checks cable shield and battery low indicator.
  • Remote unit allows checking of installed cables in addition to patch cords.
  • Line test feature detects voltage on cables and prevents damage to the tester.
  • Pin-by-pin tests may be run automatically or manually.




1. Power

Main unit – 9V Alkaline battery

Remote unit – None required

Battery life – 60 hours (typical)

2. Size

Main unit – 4.57〞X2.67〞X1.13〞/116mmX68mmX28mm

Remote unit – 4.65〞X1.28〞X1.11〞/118mmX32.5mmX28mm

3. Weight

220g with battery

Shipping weight – 310g without battery

4. Operating Temp.

0℃ - 45℃ (32℉ - 113℉)

5. Material


6. Built-in interface 

RJ45 Jack – accepts both RJ45 & RJ11 plugs

7. Display

3ψLED, 10 segments Bar-Graph and beeper sounds

8. Tone Freq.

600 - 800 HZ

9. Test

For continuity, detects, opens, shorts, reversals, crossed and miswires.

10.Cable types


UTP, STP 10 Base-T, 100 Base-TX, Token Ring (RJ45)

TP-PMD, T568 A / B, 10Base-2, BNC / COAX and USOC 8,6,4,2 cables.


  maximum length

2,000ft. / 610m


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