• Model #:PH-100/120
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  • PH-100: LAN Tracker
  • PH-120: LAN Tracker with Line and Voltage detection. Easy forward and         backward pin navigation


The Lantracker is a network tester, pin-by-pin cable tester, and tone generator all in one. As a network tester, it detects whether a network is active or inactive and displays network speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) in either case. It also flashes the network hub or NIC’s port light corresponding to the cable it is connected to, to show the cable’s port number. As a cable tester, it performs loop-back or remote tests of network, data, voice, and coaxial cables, displaying the results on a pin-by-pin LED display which moves from pin to pin automatically or manually. The Lantracker can be used to test cable or shield integrity, testing network function and speed, and tracing cable using its tone generator function (tone probe not included). Includes an adaptor for testing coaxial-F cable. Uses 1 9V battery.


  •  All-in-one network tester / tone generator / pin-by-pin cable tester.
  •  Detects network speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) of an active OR inactive network.
  •  Flashes the network hub/NIC port light of the cable tested to identify port number.
  •  Automatic and manual pin-by-pin tests of cable up to 8 pins.
  •  Manual pin-by-pin test may go forward or backward through pins at user’s option.
  •  Remote unit included for testing already-installed cables.
  •  Coaxial F adaptor included for testing coaxial cables.
  •  Built-in tone generator helps track a cable to its destination.
  •  Line tester checks circuit polarity and AC/DC voltage to prevent damage to tester.


9V Alkaline Battery – main unit


Main unit – 4.9"x 2.67"x 1.13" / 125 x 68 x 28mm

Remote unit – 5.13"x 1.28"x 1.11"/ 130.7x 32.5 x 28mm


195g / 0.43lb with battery

Shipping weight: 320g / 0.7lb



0 to 45 degrees centigrade



Tone Freq.

800 HZ

Cable Type


UTP, STP, 10 Bast-T, Token Ring, TP-PMD, 10 Base-T/BNC and USOC 8,4,2 cables.


Maximum Length

1,500 feet

Power Consumption

10 – 40 mA /sec

Output Voltage


Traffic Test

Network Traffic Detection


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